The Laboratory for Autonomous Marine Sensing Systems (LAMSS)

The MIT Laboratory for Autonomous Marine Sensing Systems in the Department of Mechanical Engineering is specializing in the development of new distributed ocean sensing concepts for oceanographic science, national defense and coastal management and protection. The laboratory was established in 2005 following the merger of the Mechanical and Ocean Engineering departments. It continues two decades of multi-disciplinary research and development into such systems by Department of Ocean Engineering, and the MIT Sea Grant AUV Laboratory.

The Laboratory Director is Prof. Henrik Schmidt. Prof. John Leonard and Prof. Pierre Lermusiaux are associated with the research team. The staff includes Principal Research Scientist, Dr. Michael Benjamin and Research Scientist Dr. Supun Randeni. The faculty and staff, together with a significant number of students, provides a strong multidisciplinary team with expertise in oceanographic sensing and modeling, sonar system technology, computational underwater acoustics, and marine robotics and communication networking.

From Technology to the Field

A March 2012 article in the Marine Technology Reporter featuring recent work of LAMSS: link.

Multidisciplinary Simulation, Estimation, and Assimilation Systems (MSEAS)

With Prof. Pierre Lermusiaux joining MIT in Jan. 2007, and becoming the most recent faculty member to be associated with LAMSS, the Laboratory added the Multidisciplinary Simulation, Estimation, and Assimilation Systems (MSEAS) (formerly known as the Harvard Ocean Prediction System (HOPS)) to its in-house capabilities. The Laboratory faculty has a decade long history of collaborating with the MSEAS group, and most recently, as part of the ONR PLUSNet effort, MSEAS is being closely integrated with the MOOS-IvP simulation environment, further enhancing the Laboratory's capabilities for simulating adaptive and collaborative sensing missions with distributed, fixed and mobile platforms.

Contact Information:

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